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COVID-19 Information

2020 and COVID-19 brought us many new challenges. We are working hard to meet these challenges and to keep everyone safe. This year we sat down and discussed what we can do to keep bringing your families the best Christmas experience we possibly can, while keeping everyone as safe as possible. This brainstorming has led us to some really great new ways we can provide everyone with Christmas cheer, despite being in the midst of a pandemic.

CLEANING AND SANITIZATION- We will be sanitizing regularly, especially high touch surfaces. We will also have hand sanitizer available and frequent hand sanitizing is encouraged. Plus, hand sanitizer removes tree pitch!

MASKS- As required by the State, our staff and customers will all be required to wear a mask while in the barn, pre-cut tree area, when having your tree measured or baled, or any other time that you cannot maintain 6' social distancing.

COFFEE AND COCO- Unfortunately this year Coco, and Cider will not be self serve, but we will still provide it to be consumed outside.

ONLINE SALES - This year we will be also be making our products available for sale online for curbside (barn side?) pickup.  Just order online and we will notify you when your order is ready to be picked up. 

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT - We will continue to take cash and checks, but contactless payment methods or chip cards are encouraged.


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